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New Fleshlight Girl is coming – Jenna Haze Fleshlight. ILF, the Fleshlight Girls producer had chosen Jenna Haze as the new Fleshlight model. It is the sleeve from Fleshlight Girls family that has entry molded from a girls’s Butt. It is even the first sex toy ever to be molded from a porn star’s ass. Jenna Haze Fleshlight will be the 10th exclusive sex toy, the next addition to fleshlight girls family. Jenna Haze will have their own fleshlight butt design. For now Fleshlight Girls Collection included 9 models (week ago ILF released Teagan Presley Fleshlight). ILF still didn’t officially announced, who will be their new fleshlight girls model. keeps it in secret. Visiting Fleshlight @ eXXXotica New York 2009 I saw the first sample of Jenna Haze Butt Fleshlight. I Thing it will be a great success.

jenna haze fleshlight vagina

Do you wonder who Jenna Haze is? She is 27 y.o. pornstar from California. She is very famous adult film actress in America. She appeared in hundreds of adult movies, her favorite was the anal scenes. Her parents were divorced. By age 15 she had dropped of high school and she had to found her first job to help her mother. She was working as lap dancer in night clubs. Suddenly at one of the clubs at the age of 19, Peter North discovered Jenna and made her an xxx actress. Her first production was The Oral Adventures of Craven Moorehead 8. Later was only better, when signed plenty of contracts with many producers and has appeared in lot’s of adult movies worldwide. In 2009 Jenna Haze started her own production company, named Jennaration X Studios, headed by Haze and distributed through Jules Jordan Video. Haze is directing and performing in her production films. Jennaration X debut film, Cum-Spoiled Sluts, was released March 23 2009, it was followed by “Anal Academics” xxx movie released July 6, 2009. Now Jenna Haze is the next Fleshlight model with her own sex toy. Jenna Haze Fleshlight is like no other fleshlight girls products. It was molded from Jenna’s Butt! That’s a novelty! Jenna Haze Fleshlight will appear with totally new fleshlight texture. For now I don’t know what kind of texture it could be but I think It will be something incredible. I’m sure that Jenna Haze Fleshlight will be a kick-ass hit on fleshlight Internet market.

jenna haze fleshlight

Jenna Haze was the inspiration for the Maze Fleshlight texture, and it is currently only available with her toy in the range of Fleshlight Girls, so if you’re a fan of her then you will want to take a look at this one. Even if you don’t like her, or have never heard of her, this texture is just to crazy to pass up for those reasons alone.

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If you haven’t seen any pictures of the Fleshlight Maze texture yet then you may be wondering where it gets the name from… well, just take a look, and you will instantly know why. This texture is another one of Fleshlight’s creations that is not supposed to feel realistic at all, it is just supposed to be intense and a little confusing at the same time.

Fleshlight Maze texture image

You can BUY Jenna Haze Maze Fleshlight HERE!

There is a warning on the website about this particular texture, saying that you need to be careful when cleaning Maze Fleshlight so that you don’t split it open, but as far as I can tell from other reviewers this has not been a problem. The walls of the Maze sleeve are just a little thinner than usual so if you take that in to consideration, and be careful like they say, you won’t have any problems at all with the amazing Maze!

jenna haze fleshlight butt

Jenna Haze Fleshlight Butt is the first sex toy released from Fleshlight that has entry molded from a girls’s Butt. It is even the first sex toy ever that was molded from a porn star’s ass. Jenna Haze Fleshlight looks exactly link Jenna Haze Butt. It was created from actual Jenna haze butt view. Every Jenna Haze Fleshlight Butt will have her exclusive signature on it. ILF the fleshlight producer prepared something special for all of us. Jenna Fleshlight Butt will feature completely new texture. Unfortunately I don’t know what kind of masturbation sleeve’s texture it would be, but I’m sure it will be something extraordinary. The only sure thing about this sex toy is that it will have the Fleshlight Butt entry. So far all of us have wait for the official release.

Jenna Haze Butt Fleshlight