Jenna Haze was the inspiration for the Maze Fleshlight texture, and it is currently only available with her toy in the range of Fleshlight Girls, so if you’re a fan of her then you will want to take a look at this one. Even if you don’t like her, or have never heard of her, this texture is just to crazy to pass up for those reasons alone.

Jenna Haze Fleshlight image

If you haven’t seen any pictures of the Fleshlight Maze texture yet then you may be wondering where it gets the name from… well, just take a look, and you will instantly know why. This texture is another one of Fleshlight’s creations that is not supposed to feel realistic at all, it is just supposed to be intense and a little confusing at the same time.

Fleshlight Maze texture image

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There is a warning on the website about this particular texture, saying that you need to be careful when cleaning Maze Fleshlight so that you don’t split it open, but as far as I can tell from other reviewers this has not been a problem. The walls of the Maze sleeve are just a little thinner than usual so if you take that in to consideration, and be careful like they say, you won’t have any problems at all with the amazing Maze!